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🍯 Elevate Your Tastes with Kentuckyaki: Bourbon-Infused Teriyaki 🥃

Discover the unique fusion of teriyaki sauce, Kentucky-style! We've enhanced the classic with a splash of Kentucky Bourbon for an extra layer of flavor. Sweetened with locally sourced Kentucky-grown sorghum and infused with the essence of fresh garlic and ginger, this all-natural sauce is a rich and robust addition to your culinary repertoire.

👅 Umami-Packed Delight: Kentuckyaki is more than a sauce—it's a burst of umami that adds complexity to every dish it graces. Whether used as a marinade for salmon, beef, or chicken, stirred into a flavorful stir-fry, or simply enjoyed as a dipping sauce, its versatility knows no bounds.

🥢 Kentucky-Grown Goodness: Crafted with care and passion, this sauce embodies the flavors of Kentucky. From the sweetness of sorghum to the warmth of Bourbon, Kentuckyaki encapsulates the essence of the Bluegrass State.

🍽️ #eatyourbourbon: Indulge in the culinary revolution—#eatyourbourbon with Kentuckyaki. Elevate your dining experience with a sauce that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

🛍️ Order your Kentuckyaki today and add a touch of Kentucky flair to your kitchen creations! 🌾

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