Rock & Roll Whiskey Glasses

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Elevate your whiskey experience with the Gentlemen's Hardware Rocking Whiskey Glasses set. Crafted for the true aficionado, this set of two glasses is a must-have addition to any whiskey lover's collection. Here's why it's a game-changer:

- The glasses rock and rotate smoothly, back and forth, eliminating spills and ensuring a seamless sipping experience.
- The innovative rolling base not only prevents spills but also encourages the whiskey to breathe, enhancing its flavors and aromas.
- With their perfect balance and ample size, these glasses are ideal for serving up a generous portion of your favorite spirit.
This set includes two rocking glasses, each measuring 3.50" H x 3.50" L x 3.50" W, with a capacity of 7.80 fluid ounces (230 ml). Whether it's after-dinner drinks, social gatherings, or parties, these glasses are guaranteed to break the ice and elevate your whiskey enjoyment to new heights!

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